Why are We Here?

We believe that God is in the process of writing a magnificent story that began when He spoke the world into existence in perfect peace and union with Himself. As part of that creation He formed man to reflect His character in, and to care after, the rest of what God made. In fulfilling those tasks, Adam and Eve (yes, that Adam and Eve) were given the privilege of interacting with God in real relationship. Shortly after breathing life into mankind His own creation rebelled against his authority, and we’ve been rebelling ever since. The result of that rebellion is certain death, not just physically, but a spiritual death caused by the fracture of union with our Creator and subjected us to His wrath.

But God chose not to leave us in our rebellion to face our end without hope. He has been casting for us the grand story of hope and redemption throughout history. This story is recorded for us in the pages of the Bible and culminates in the most impossible of events. Jesus, our Creator and God, took the form of His creation. He dwelt among it as a man. He suffered the death we should have suffered in our place in order that He might restore the relationship with our Creator that we were designed for. We can again find joy in bearing His image to all of creation in every aspect of life – in work, in family, in friendships, in free time. All of it.

But that was not the end of the story. Three days after his death Jesus again walked the earth with His creation, proclaiming, once and for all, final victory over sin (what separates us from our Creator), and death (the ultimate end for which this separation dooms us). He is now calling out for Himself a people who will place their trust in His work to find the hope and restoration He secured. This group of people is called the church and is tasked with telling this story of creation, loss, redemption, and hope until that same Jesus returns one day to abolish all rebellion and recreate the earth in its original state. Those who have placed their hope in Jesus will reign with Him. Those who have chosen to reject His offer of mercy will face an eternity of separation from Him.

In gathering together as the church we are seeking to help one another live out the reality of the redemption Jesus purchased for us and to call others into that reality as well. Come join us.

For how we see the nutsĀ  and bolts of all of this, check out our doctrinal views here.