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Join us this Sunday as we begin a series in the New Testament book of Titus. The Apostle Paul wrote the book to his son in the faith in order to give him instructions for guiding the young churches that they had planted on the island of Crete. Who qualifies to lead the church? How does it conduct itself when it gets together? What are the church’s responsibilities outside its walls? Paul addresses each of these issues in this short letter.

But why does all of this matter? Does it even make a difference for how we live our lives as those who are following Jesus? Absolutely! God designed the church to carry His message of grace and love to the watching world. If we, as a local expression of that church, are going to show that message accurately, we must do it as He has designed us. And most of Paul’s instruction is about how we interact with each other. I’m excited to see where He takes us as we start this journey together. See you this Sunday!

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